Camp Programs - Broncs, Top Hands, Wranglers, Adventurers & Leadership

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The Basic Camp
Bronc Riders - 8-12 Years
Top Hands - 12 & up
Campers are introduced to horsemanship with their own horse to care for and ride the entire week. They learn to handle, groom, saddle and control their own horse while participating in trail rides in the Wenatchee National Forest. Outdoor camping/survival skills are developed and all of this is put to use on an overnight trail ride. Valuable leadership skills are also introduced to the TOP HANDS. These BASIC CAMPS are required to develop skills necessary to be successful as WRANGLERS & ADVENTURERS.
The Special Camps

Wranglers - 13 & up
The WRANGLER camp offers campers their own horse for the week and introduces them to packing the mules, longer rides, cooking over campfires and building survival kits. All of these skills are required for the 2 night overnight trail ride into the National Forest. Leadership skills and independence are stressed. Campers must have successfully completed the TOP HAND program to gain the skills necessary to participate as a Wrangler. Prepares campers for the Adventurers camp.

Adventurers - 14 & up
First Time Adventurer – Must have successfully completed Wranglers or be signed up for Wranglers prior to Adventure Week

The ADVENTURER camp prepares your camper to go on to the popular CIT program. ADVENTURERS prepare and plan for their 4-5 day pack trip where they use maps and compasses, build survival kits, cook with Dutch ovens, pack and lead the mule string and practice "no trace" camping. Campers must have completed WRANGLER. Adventurers will work out of a back country camp which will allow them time to further develop their back country skills under the careful guidance of our experienced staff. Returning Adventurers will plan their back country adventure to fit the experience level of that group & will assume more personal responsibility toward the success of their back country adventure. Only 8 first-time Adventurers per group and 6 returning Adventurers per group are accepted and will be required to have a special duffel bag and a properly equipped fanny pack or saddlebags. FOR SAFETY PURPOSES: ADVENTURERS must be properly equipped or they will not be able to participate in the pack trip.

Leadership Camp
Counselor in Training - 13 & up
The Counselor in Training (CIT) camp is a 6-day intensive training session required of those wishing to develop their leadership skills and return during the summer camping sessions. Experts are brought in throughout the week to expand horsemanship, outdoor living and leadership skills. After demonstrating willingness to listen, follow through with instruction and work well with the staff and their peers during the week, an evaluation of each candidate will be done on their leadership skills. If accepted into the CIT program, camp session assignments will be made. Participation in this training does not assure you of a CIT position, but assisting in our kitchen will also be an option. A special CIT camp T-shirt, properly equipped fanny pack or saddle bags are required of all participants. It is recommended that all CIT candidates participate in our Adventurer Program. This program will enhance your campers ability to be successful in our leadership program.

  Phone 509-674-9554
  Phone 509-674-9554